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I get it! As a creator there's a lot of ideas, your brain never stops. It constantly gives brush strokes...painting every thought you envision, to perfect clarity on an invisible canvas that only YOU can see. No matter what your craft is, no matter if there's more than one. You're just a talented and unique individual with a wide view of life. You want to continue to paint color in everything you see...and you want the world to view it from your perspective. They can and they will! That's a fact...the question is, HOW would you make them? 


Rayneesha Yvonne

I knew I was a unique individual the moment I discovered that I didn't idolize what society did. Even at a young age I was able to pinpoint what I enjoyed most in life. Dance was my first love! Then came art and music. Then crafting.

Oh, that's how you take a picture? Let me try...(flick)! let me try that again, that wasn't right...(flick)... Ah, that's better!

I feel an inner satisfaction as I seen beauty in photography and videos. 

Til this day I still review all that I've captured in my earlier years. Loving most, the memories and how I I can revisit the feeling that I had in the moment. 

Yes, yes I get it...there's so much out there that we absolutely need in the world today.

I thank you to those who went through med shape us back to health!

Thank you to our teachers as you were the ultimate base of our learning structures. 

Thank you accountants, tech innovators, architects and many more as you all have major importance in all that you do. heart, my pure heart, belongs to the arts! 


BeAmbi 2021 Ambassador

Meet Sy'mone!

Ok, you've guessed it! She's my daughter.

This wouldn't be right AT ALL if I couldn't have this here child as our very first BeAmbi Ambassador!

From modeling, to dancing, to being dragged and assisting in every business meeting and event...It's pretty safe to say that she has been here since day 1, learning and scoping and literally taking in everything , and deserves the title before anyone else all 2021! 

Sy'mone is a natural creative. 

She loves to dance, draw, and create skits. Her love for animals also amazes me. 

Let's welcome Sy'mone as our very first BeAmbi Youth Ambassador!!