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June 12th - August 11th, 2023


Contemporary/Technique (w/ Tana Delgado)

Contemporary and Technique includes a warm-up, followed by exercises that focus on developing strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students will learn and practice choreography that incorporates contemporary and dance techniques and styles. Class will include improvisation exercises and opportunities for creative expression. Overall, the class aims to develop the dancers' technical skills, artistry, and performance abilities.


Beginners Hip-Hop w/ Rayneesha Yvonne

 Dancers will learn the foundations of hiphop dance and basic hip hop moves , including choreography to popular hip hop songs. The class may also include a warm-up and cool-down. It is a great way to get active, learn new skills, and have fun!

Urban Steez w/ Justin

Urban Steez is a dance style that combines various elements of street hip hop and jazz. It is characterized by sharp, fluid movements, intricate footwork, and an emphasis on musicality and rhythm. The style often incorporates freestyle improvisation and is commonly seen in music videos, live performances, and dance competitions.


Tutting/Isolation (Combo Class) w/ Nate

Tutting,popping, isolation, and waving are four different styles of hip hop dance that will be taught in this combonation dance class. Tutting is a style of dance that involves making sharp, angular movements with the arms and hands to create geometric shapes. Isolation is a technique in which different parts of the body are moved independently from the rest,  often in a slow and controlled manner. Waving is a fluid, wave-like movement of the arms and hands that creates an illusion of motion. Popping is a style of dance that involves quickly contracting and relaxing the muscles to create a popping effect.

students will typically learn basic movements and techniques for each style and then work on combining them into a cohesive routine.

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